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2018 Price List

When it comes to trust and value…

$25 a cubic feet is what we charge for most boxed items.

Vehicles $1,400 to $2,600 is average cost for transportation a vehicle from the USA to Douala. Custom duties & Taxes are determined by the SGS and Customs in Cameroon. Additionally, there are clearing related charges associated with each vehicle (see for ideas of clearing related charges for each vehicle shipped in a container).

General Price List

Boxes at $25 a Cubic Foot

• Length x width x height= Cubic Volume
• If measuring in INCHES divide Cubic Volume by 1728 = Cubic Feet.
• If measuring in CENTIMETERS divide Cubic Volume by 28,316.85= Cubic Feet
• Multiply Cubic feet by $25 to get your shipping cost.

Here are some general sizes to help you. These are measured in inches.

12 ”X 12” X 6” (0.5 Cubic FT ) $12.50
12” x 12” X 12” (1Cubic FT) $25
15” X 15” X 15” (1.9 Cubic FT) $48
18” x 18” x 16” (3 Cubic FT) $75
18” x 18” x 24” (4.5 cubic FT) $112
20” X 20” X 20” (4.6 Cubic FT) $115
25” X 15” X “15 (3.2 Cubic FT) $80
25” X 20” X 20” (5.7 cubic FT) $140
24” x 18” x24 (6 Cubic FT) $150
22” x 22” x 21” (5.9 Cubic FT) $150


Carry on Suit Cases $50 to $75
Regular Suit Cases $100 to $150

20 Gallon Plastic Buckets $100
100 to 120 Quart Coolers $140
35 Gallons Plastic Buckets $175
50 Gallon Plastic Buckets $220
55 Gallon Barrels $250
1 Gallon paint & similar size item $5
5 Gallon Paint & Similar size items $25
Thread mills $250 & up

Tiles/Price per Pallet $350
Toilets (Tank & Bowl Combo)$125, or $25 a Cubic FT

Twin Mattresses $100
Full Mattresses $125
Queen Mattresses $175 LIMITED Number
King Mattresses $200 LIMITED Number
Refrigerators $300 to over $1000 depending on cubic feet
Dryers, Washers, Gas Cookers $250 to $300
Flat Screen TVs $175 – $350
Living Room Furniture set $1,600
Duffel bags $150 – $250
Diapers $15 – $30
Folding Chairs $5
Stacking Chairs $15 to $20

Tires $40 for cars and $50 for SUVs
Bicycles $40 – $80 LIMITED Number
Rice $10 for 50 Lb & $20 for 100 lb

Vehicle engines and vehicle spare parts will be subjected to duties in Cameroon, usually about 67% of the value. We only charge the cost of shipping from the USA to Cameroon. Duties and any additional costs will be determined after the custom duties have been given.

A surcharge of 25% or more will be levied on all items that are too heavy and require the use of a forklift or extra labor.

Vehicle Price List

Prices  for vehicles range from $1500 – $2600


Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Sequoia and similar vehicles: $2,600 empty
Toyota 4Runner, Nissan Pathfinder & similar size vehicles: $2,000 Empty
Toyota RAV4, Toyota CRV & similar size vehicles: $1,700 Empty
Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier & similar size vehicles: $1,600 Empty
Honda Accord, Toyota Camry & similar size vehicles: $1,550 Empty
Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic & similar size vehicles: $1,550 Empty
Toyota Sienna & similar size vans: $2,200 Empty


The following items are considered as contraband by the Cameroonian government. If they are found among your items, a penalty of 300,000 or more could be levied including confiscation of the items.

  • Military Uniforms and anything resembling them
  • All military gadgets and equipment
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Water/Non alcoholic beverages
  • Expired medicines and products


A 30 to 50% discount is usually given to missionaries and items designated for ministry or humanitarian purposes. Items like wheelchairs (designated for the handicapped, the underprivileged and the poor) are transported for free when possible.


  •  Without Exception ALL payment is due at the time drop off or pickup.
  • Charges for vehicles are ONLY for transportation from the USA to Cameroon. Duties, taxes and all other related clearing charges for vehicles are determined in Cameroon. We can only give you estimates.
  • All items MUST be properly labeled with names and contact phone numbers in USA & Cameroon.
  • Properly label (names/numbers of sender & receiver, on the bag, box or carton and on the wrap, too), tape and properly shrink-wrap.
  • When sending multiple items, properly number each with the total number of items shipped: Example, 1 of 10; 2 of 10, 3 of 10, 10 of 10 etc.
  • Tape and properly shrink-wrap all bags, cartons, and boxes.
  • Fragile items are shipped at your own risk

While we do not anticipate items getting missing or lost, however, because of insurance policies (or the lack of it), compensation for any loss or damage to items sent is LIMITED to the cost paid for shipment (and NOT the value of cargo). Given the political climate in Cameroon, some items will be opened by the customs during inspection at the port. We cannot guarantee your items will not be opened.  

Thanks again for trusting us with your shipping. Together we are making significant, positive and lasting difference as we connect resources with needs – linking two continents!
Good Samaritan Enterprises (GSE) is a social non-for-profit business that is used as a channel to ship things for Bread For Life International and in the process give you the lowest and secured shipping experience to Cameroon. Please feel free to visit our various ministries websites: