Before you Ship a Vehicle

Shipping and clearing in Cameroon can be complicated, costly and stressful. We realize the challenges and intricacies of clearing containers and vehicles from the port of Douala and desire to make the process as simple and transparent as possible. We have worked with several clearing agents to give you a detail account of what is involved in clearing a container and vehicles.

We will give you an estimate for what duties are for your vehicle as well as taxes. These are paid separately. Costs for shipping a vehicle from the USA to Cameroon range from $1400 to $2600 depending on the size of the vehicle. REMEMBER, this is just for shipping from the USA to Cameroon!

Owners of vehicles also pay

1. Clearing related charges for each vehicle.

This usually average about 700,000 F CFA for each vehicle (if there are two vehicles in the container. This prices would increase or decrease depending or more or less than two vehicles loaded). We will give you detail at the time of shipping

2. Custom duties for each vehicle.

This is different from transportation and from the clearing related charges. This also depends on the Blue book Value of your vehicle. Duties are about 87 percent for vehicles older than 7 years and less for newer vehicles.

3. Taxes on your vehicles.

Each vehicle pays taxes or what they call “impot” in French. From our experience, it would seem this is usually between 8 to 15 percent of the duties of the vehicle. The owner of the car, again, pays this.

We will give you an itemized list once we accept to take your vehicle. We will also have you sign an agreement to pay all related charges, duties and taxes in Cameroon. 50 percent to 100 percent will be collected before we ship and the rest two weeks before arrival of the container at the port of Douala.

Below are the typical clearing related charges. Some items are specifically for vehicles, others for the container and most items are divided between the owner of the container and the number of vehicles.

1. 180,000 for visit
2. 10,000 Tax payer
3. 25,00 SGS per car
4. 150,000 signature
5. 17,500 per car
6. 7,000 Declaration Importation per car
7. 132,00 BESC per car
8. 120,000 PAD
9. 90,000 validation
10. 100,000 Caution
11. 230,000 transport ( hammalift)
12. 280,00 Manutantion
13. 38,850 Fret De Dossier
14. 1,200 Attestation per car
15. 150,000 Sortie
16. 36,288 Telex release ( without Original bill of laden).
17. 200,000 Visite Proper
18. Demand de visit 10 for vehicle and 1,000 for container
19. 300,000 Clearing agent fees ( negotiable with clearing agent).
20. 50,000 off-roaders at the Port
21. 100,000 off loaders outside the Port
22. 40,000 storage fees
23. 200,000 miscellaneous
24. Duties for all goods ( typically varies from one million CFA to over 10 million CFA depending on value of goods) this is paid by owner of container
25. Duties for vehicles (varies from vehicle to vehicle, usually 82% for vehicles above 7 years and lower for newer vehicles) this is paid by vehicle owners.
26. Taxes for vehicles ( varies on the total value of vehicle). This is paid by the vehicle owners.

The above costs are separate from the cost of shipping a vehicle from the USA to Cameroon. This costs average between $1,400 to $2,600 depending on the size of the vehicle.

Apart from the cost of shipping a vehicle, vehicle owners also pay the full duties of their vehicles, taxes on vehicles and share in the total container clearing related process and charges.